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A versatile instrument useful in many & varied experiments.
A must-have !

Technical Specification:

Mains operations.Universal & customized
Option for both 115V/230V, 60/50Hz AC
    • Range : 1Hz – 110kHz in four decade ranges.
    • Voltage : Continuously variable from 0 to 10V (Vpp).
    • Waveform : Sine & square, triangular and TTL*.
    • Current rating : Directly drives the load less than 1Amp.

* for TTL logic level are from 0-5V (Vpp).

Safety features
  • Triple protection
    • Split bobbin transformer design with additional inbuilt thermal protection.
    • Slow-blow fuse protection.
    • Resettable overload protection.
  • Safety sockets for use with shrouded safety 4mm plugs but conventional leads with standard 4mm plugs can also be used.
  • All Inspire Signal Generators are tested for insulation resistance test, ground bond test, dielectric strength test etc.
ApplicationIdeal for general purpose applications in
students laboratory particularly in the study
of wave phenomena.

Key Features

  • A Low Distortion Signal Generator with Four Decade Range Selectable by Rotary Switch.
  • Produces four different types of waveforms: Sine, Square, Triangular and TTL.
    Each of the waveform can be selected by tact Switch with LED Indicator.
  • Also having provision for AM and FM Modulation Input.
  • Drives directly vibration generators in study of wave phenomena.
  • Built – in Speaker may be activated for audible frequencies through tact switch.
  • Any external weak signal can also get amplified through the unit.
  • Useful in various Physics and electronics experiments.