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Inspire Timing-Pro Bluetooth Timing Ball SV748

The Timing ball is a unique device that records time from moment of release of ball to the moment of impact (on ground or object). It can be used to conduct experiments involving acceleration due to gravity (g). Built-in 3-axis accelerometer detects release of ball. The same accelerometer detects impact. The accuracy is amazing, measurement of ā€˜gā€™ for example.


Exp-1 Determining free fall time of a ball when it is dropped from a known height and thereby measuring ā€˜gā€™, acceleration due to gravity.

Exp-2 Study the variation of height, h as a function of both t2 and t during free fall where h is the free fall height and t is the free fall time.

Exp-3 Measurement of total time of flight during a projectile motion.

Scope of Supply:

Cat No.Item Name Qty.
SV748Timing Ball1
SA731Pointer Attachment1
Instruction Manual1

Key Features

  • Most direct method to measure ‘g’, acceleration due to gravity.
  • Learning Science while Playing Approach
  • Excellent Time Measurement with high precision.
  • 1 ms resolution.
  • Accessory for exact height measurement.
  • Accessory can be mounted on any rule.
  • Accessory allows to drop the ball from predefined set height. Hence any uncertainty in height measurement is eliminated.
  • Pointer accessory measures exact free fall height.
  • Even a little error (up to 1 cm) provides an accurate result of ‘g’ due to very high accuracy in time measurement.
  • Data can be collected on PC, tablets or smartphones.
  • Dedicated software and app for analysing motion along with different templates for different experiments.

Note: Rule is not included within the scope of supply. Pointer attachment : Pointer attachment serves as an accessory of the timing ball. It allows to drop the ball from a predefined set height.