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Laser Ray Kit


Laser ray box consists of five independent laser modules with peak wavelength 635nm. The laser is very effective in the demonstration of a light trace. Class 2 rated laser is used and so safe to use without goggles.


Exp-1 Working of Human Eye (Normal eyes, nearsighted eyes, far-sighted eye).

Exp-2 Principle of the photographic camera.

Exp-3 Principle of Galileo telescope & periscope.

Exp-4 Principle of Kepler telescope.

Exp-5 Principle of Spherical aberration.

Laser Ray Kit

Scope of Supply:

Cat No.Item Name Qty.
CB521 Diode laser box 1
R8688 Power adaptor 1
CB528 Beam selector 1
CB522 Human eye template 1
CB523 Photo camera template 1
CB524 Galilean telescope template1
CB525 Kepler telescope template 1
CB526 Spherical aberration template 2
CB624 Periscope template 1
CB527 Hartles circle template 1
CB503 Bi-convex lens no 1 1
CB504 Bi-convex lens no 2 1
CB505 Bi-convex lens no 3 1
CB506 Bi-convex lens no 4 1
CB507 Bi-concave lens no 5 1
CB508 Plane convex lens r=45mm 1
CB509 Plane convex lens r=75mm 1
CB510 Plane concave lens 1
CB511 Concave mirror 1
CB512 Convex mirror 1
CB513 Plane mirror 1
CB514 Rectangular slab 1
CB515 Prism 1
CB516 Optical Fiber 1
R8160 Magnetic board 1
Instruction manual 1