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Exp-1 Diode characteristics of transistor junctions.
Exp-2 Recording the characteristics of a transistor.
Exp-3 Recording the characteristics of a field-effect transistor.
Exp-4 To study half wave and full wave (bridge) rectifier.
Exp-5 To study capacitor filter effect in power supply.
Exp-6 To study unregulated and regulated power supply.
Exp-7 Recording the current-voltage characteristics of diodes.
Exp-8 Recording the current-voltage characteristics of zener diodes.
Exp-9 Recording the current-voltage characteristics of LED.
Exp-10 AND, OR, XOR, NOT, NAND and NOR operations.
Exp-11 De Morgan’s laws.
Exp-12 Logic operation using three and four variables.
Exp-13 To study MOSFET characteristics.
Exp-14 To study characteristics of TRIAC.
Exp-15 To Study Ohm’s Law.
Exp-16 To Study Kirchoff’s Law.
Exp-17 To Study Series & Parallel Effect of Resistance.
Exp-18 To Study Resistances As A Voltage Divider.
Exp-19 To Study LDR Characteristics.
Exp-20 To Study Thermistor Characteristics.
Exp-21 To study the R-C Circuit.
Exp-22 To study the L-R Circuit.
Exp-23 To study the L-C-R Circuit.
Exp-24 To study the Clipper and Clamper Circuit.
Exp-25 To study the Charging and Discharging of a Capacitor.

Why Electronic Plug in Kit

  • Electronic plug-in kit is a comprehensive set of components for performing experiments in Analog and Digital Electronics.
  • The plug-in modules include both passive and active electronic components with contacts formed by 4-mm plugs.
  • The plug-in modules have a transparent housing for visibility of the component placed.
  • The symbols and name of the component printed on each plug-in module, so student can easily identify.
  • High quality reliable plug-in system with student support material.
  • It is a “student-centred approach”.
  • Participation in circuit assembling by students, promotes understanding, encouraging own-designed circuits.
  • The freedom to experiment is backed up by formal experiment literature.
  • It leads to knowledge and valuable practical skills.
  • It provides you best electrical safety while performing an experiment.

Key Features:

  • Clear view of circuits.
  • Safe and easy to setup.
  • Reliable connections.

Plug in board with templates and modules fitted on it. Templates can be attached over the transparent top for ease of circuit assembling.


Cat. No. Item NameQty.
CB530AND Gate Module (Single Gate)2
SEB14Capacitor Module 0.01µF3
SEB72Capacitor Module 0.047µF2
SEB15Capacitor Module 0.1µF3
SEB16Capacitor Module 0.47µF3
SEB73Capacitor Module 10µF3
SEB74Capacitor Module 100µF1
SEB17Capacitor Module 1000µF1
CB534Ex-OR Gate Module (Single Gate)2
SEB26Inductor Module 30mH2
SEB75Inductor Module 60mH1
SEB28JFET Module1
SEB30LED Module1
CB539Light Sensor (LDR) Module1
CB531NAND Gate Module (Single Gate)1
CB535NOR Gate Module (Single Gate)1
CB532NOT Gate Module (Single Gate)2
CB533OR Gate Module (Single Gate)1
SEB38Push Button Module1
SEC06Regulator Module1
SEB41Resistor Module 100Ω1
SEB43Resistor Module 330Ω1
SEB46Resistor Module 1kΩ2
SEB47Resistor Module 3.3kΩ3
Cat. No. Item NameQty.
SEB76Resistor Module 4.7kΩ1
SEB44Resistor Module 10kΩ5
SEB45Resistor Module 15kΩ2
SEB78Resistor Module 27kΩ2
SEB88Resistor Module 33kΩ2
SEB79Resistor Module 75kΩ1
SEB40Resistor Module 100kΩ1
SEB42Resistor Module 330kΩ1
SEB80Resistor Module 470kΩ1
SEB53Switch Module2
CB538Thermistor Module1
SEB84Transistor Module 2N22222
SEB86Transistor Module Bc1092
SEB57Triac Module1
Sw926Power Supply 0-20V, 1A2
CB536Variable Resistor 1kΩ1
CB537Variable Resistor 10kΩ1
SEB81Variable Resistor 1MΩ1
SEB13Zener Diode Module1
SEB77Resistor Module 6.2 kΩ1
SEB53Changeover Switch Module1
CB542Reed Switch Module1
SEB27Inductor Module 225 mH1
CB540Buzzer Module1
SEC06Regulator Module1
Set of Template sheets1