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Inspire Timing-Pro Bluetooth Dynamics Car SL1047

We present a unique built-in motion encoding and wireless data transmission car which while going along a track automatically senses the displacement with time and simultaneously transmits these data to a computer via Bluetooth. Velocity, acceleration, momentum, force, potential and kinetic energy are then calculated. As a result, this dedicated car can be used to study many kinematical principles and phenomena of classical mechanics. A single car (Primary Car) can be employed to study the motion in one dimension and verify the relationship between kinematical parameters. Another interesting feature is that the car can also run on a curved track as the design does not require any external electronics to be mounted on tracks. While studying the collision experiment, two cars namely primary and secondary car are needed. A complete set of accessories enables the system to study a wide range of experiments.


Exp-1 Study of linear motion under low friction and plot of distance, velocity, momentum, energy (kinetic, potential and total energy) and acceleration as a function of time.

Exp-2 Study of Newton’s Second Law of Motion.

Exp-3 Study of linear motion in an inclined plane.

Exp-4 Study of damped harmonic oscillation in a potential well.

Exp-5 Study of the dependence of kinetic energy on mass and velocity.

Exp-6 Study of elastic collision: conservation of momentum and energy.

Exp-7 Study of inelastic collision: conservation of momentum.

Exp-8 Study of explosion: conservation of momentum.

Exp-9 Study of damped harmonic oscillation in horizontal track and determination of spring constant.

Exp-10 Study of crash test: Energy absorbed by crumple zone in the crash.

Exp-11 Demonstration of air balloon propelling a vehicle.

Exp-12 Demonstration of air drag on the motion of a vehicle.

Inspire Timing-Pro Dynamics Car

Key Features:

  • Novel tool for comprehensive studies of motion-related experiments both in Linear and Curved Track.
  • Two Cars (Primary and Secondary) for collision experiments with built-in rechargeable battery and electronics.
  • Live Data transfer in PC/Android Phone via Bluetooth Connectivity: Distance, Speed, Acceleration, Momentum and Kinetic Energy as a function of time.
  • Hastle-Free, Noise-Free and easy wireless device replacing the conventional air track and light gate timer.
  • Recording of very smooth time – distance data.
  • Free Dedicated Software with Data Analysis and several other tools.
  • Special Provision in software to easily demonstrate Conservation of Energy and Momentum in Collisions, Inclined Track and Curved Track experiments.
  • Visualisation of Kinetic and Potential energy and their interconversion in the graphical software interface.
  • Complete kit with all easily mountable accessories.
  • An experiment in Curved Track: an alternative method to determine ‘g’, acceleration due to gravity.

Design Features:

  • Motion Data Collection: Unrestricted on any linear or curved track as the design does not require any external electronics to be mounted on tracks.
  • Two Cars: Primary – Secondary configuration to study collisions. Primary can be used for single-car experiments on a curved or linear track.
  • Communication between Primary Secondary: “Infrared Transmission” by Secondary and reception by Primary with signal conditioning circuitry. Primary & Secondary: Each have a dedicated controller for communication.
  • Communication between Primary to PC: Wireless Bluetooth. Primary transmits motion data of both cars along with time stamp by the main controller.
  • Accessories: Magnetic Bumper attachments for collisions, crash test and explosion.
  • Clamping arrangement for using various accessories like elastic ribbon, balloon propulsion and drag sheet.
  • Dedicated software for analyzing motion.

Inspire Timing-Pro Dynamics Car


  • Motion In One Dimension: Straight and Curved Tracks.
  • Distance, Velocity & Acceleration.
  • Newton’s Laws of Motion.
  • Linear Momentum, Kinetic and Potential Energy.
  • Force and Friction.
  • Damped harmonic oscillation.
  • Conservation of Momentum.
  • Conservation of Energy.
  • Conversion of Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy and Vice Versa.
  • Elastic and Inelastic Collision.
  • Concept of Horizontal and Inclined Motion.
  • Concept of Potential Well Track.
  • Spring constant.
  • Crumple zone absorbs energy in a crash.

Scope of Supply:

Cat No.Item Name Qty.
C12594 Primary Car 1
C12595 Secondary Car 1
C13002 Linear track (SS) 1
C13001 Curved track (SS)1
C13013 Set of accessories 1

Special Software Advantage

  • Polynomial Equation Fit of Data Points
  • Built-in math tools to calculate velocity, acceleration, momentum, potential energy, kinetic energy and to summate these functions so that energy and momentum before collisions can be analysed for example or the energy absorbed by crumple zones.
  • Zoom in and Zoom Out

Inspire Timing-Pro Dynamics Car

Inspire Timing-Pro Dynamics Car