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An ideal meter for accurate measurement of magnetic flux density.

Technical Specification:

Mains operations.Universal & customized
Option for both 115V/230V, 60/50Hz AC
Output3 switchable measuring ranges:

  • Range                   Resolution
  • 0-20mT                  0.01mT
  • 0-200mT                0.1mT
  • 0-1999mT              1mT
  • Display                   : 3½ Digit LED
Safety features
  • Double protection:
    • Split bobbin transformer design with additional inbuilt thermal protection.
    • Slow-blow fuse protection.
  • All Inspire Teslameters are tested for insulation resistance test, ground bond test, dielectric strength test etc.
ApplicationSuitable for measurement of both axial and tangential alternating/direct magnetic field.

Key Features

  • Comes with both tangential & axial hall probe.
  • Suitable for measurement of both alternating and direct (AC/DC) magnetic field .
  • Coarse and fine knob for ZERO adjustment.
  • Universal main operation.
  • Suitable for measuring very high magnetic field (upto 2T).
  • Analog Output for connecting an external measuring device.

Uniquely the Hall-probe has been specially developed to avoid errors associated with standard Hall effect devices in off-axis magnetic fields (as occurs when investigat-ing magnetic flux for different angles of a plane coil for example.