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Exp – 1 To study the relation between frequency and wavelength and to determine the wave velocity.
Exp – 2 Image formation by a plane mirror.
Exp – 3 Reflection of a plane wavefront at a straight barrier.
Exp – 4 Reflection of a plane wavefront at the concave barrier.
Exp – 5 Reflection of a plane wavefront at the convex barrier.
Exp – 6 Reflection of the circular wavefront at the concave barrier.
Exp – 7 Refraction using rectangular refractor.
Exp – 8 Refraction using convex refractor.
Exp – 9 Refraction using concave refractor.
Exp – 10 Diffraction of plane wave at a single edge.
Exp – 11 Diffraction of the plane wave when the slit width is greater than the wavelength of the wave.
Exp – 12 Diffraction of a plane wave when the slit width is less than the wavelength of the wave.
Exp – 13 Interference using double point dipper.
Exp – 14 Interference pattern for Young’s Double Slit Experiment.
Exp – 15 Llyod’s Mirror: Interference pattern between waves from parent source and source produced by reflection.

Key Features:

  • Precision, repeatability and fast setup, the inspire ripple tank delivers amazing results.
  • Plug in a ‘dipper’, pour in a little water and switch on – it’s as easy as that.
  • Forget earlier bulky ripple tank, the inspire ripple tank is truly portable with all accessories built-in.
  • Precise control of frequency.
  • Reflection, Refraction, Diffraction and Interference are convincingly demonstrated.
  • Precise control of strobe light so waves appear stationary or rolling forward slow or fast..
  • Micro-controller based digital control.
  • Frequency 50-175Hz operation (controllable in 1 Hz step).
  • The LED illumination in two ways: Synchronous and Independent Mode.
  • Individual digital LED display for wave and strobe frequency with water-resistant keypad for control.

Scope of Supply:

Cat No.Item Name Qty.
SA706 Ripple tank base unit 1
CD1093 Tank 1
Power adaptor 1
C11725 Single point dipper 1
C11728 Double point dipper 1
C11730 Plane wave bar dipper 1
CD691 Curved reflector 1
C11722 Diffraction barrier 2
C11718 Rectangular block shape 1
C11719 Convex lens shape 1
C11720 Concave lens shape 1
C11717 Triangular shape 1
C11723 Small diffraction barrier 1
SB289 Dropper 1
C12581 Young’s double slit 1
C12582 Long straight barrier 1
Instruction Manual 1