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Law of Motion Kit SW471

Law of Motion kit has been designed to study linear motion, momentum and kinetic energy of trolleys moving on a smooth track. Picket fence masks attached to the trolleys and light gates mounted on an overhead rail, enable calculation of velocity and acceleration of the trolleys using free software. Experiments in Laws of motion, including action and reaction, force and acceleration and study of momentum and kinetic energy in collisions can be investigated with the equipment. The track is of superior quality stainless steel which together with low friction trolleys, ensures smooth travel. Soft buffers at the track end to prevent damage to the trolleys and a pulley provides for a hanging weight attached to a trolley.

Law of Motion Kit


Exp-1 To find the velocity of an object.

Exp-2 To determine the average speed of an object.

Exp-3 To determine the acceleration of a moving object.

Exp-4 To demonstrate the elastic collision.

Exp-5 To demonstrate the law of conservation of energy.

Exp-6 To demonstrate the transfer of energy.

Exp-7 To plot a graph between velocity and time using picket fence.

Key Features:

  • No noise as in the Air Track experiment.
  • Facilitating the study of mechanics both qualitatively & quantitatively.
  • Low friction wheels of trolley.
  • Superior quality SS track.
  • 4 mm socket on a trolley for attaching various accessories & weight.
  • Precise and accurate data.
  • Data can be collected on PC, tablets or smartphones.

Key Topics:

  • Linear motion.
  • Newton law of motion.
  • Elastic collision.
  • Inelastic collision.
  • Conservation of momentum.
  • Conservation of energy.
  • Mass ratio.

Scope of Supply:

Cat No.Item Name Qty.
SH299 Track for dynamic trolley 2
SP075 Dynamic trolley 2
SA724 Primary light gate 1
SA726 Secondary light gate 1
SN360 Accessories for dynamic trolley 1
SH504 Slotted Masses 1
C13044 Light gate rider 1
C13045 Light gate mount 2
C13046 Side clamp (left) 1
C13047 Side clamp (right)1