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Inspire magnetic field investigation apparatus provides an excellent way to study the dependence of magnetic flux on the dot product of Magnetic Induction and Area vector. It may be supplied with or without power supply and / or Teslameter.

dΦ = B.ds = Bds cosθ


EXP-1 Variation of magnetic fields at centrer of a circular plane coil with current.

EXP-2 Dependence of magnetic flux on the dot product between magnetic field vector and area vector.

EXP-3 Variation of magnetic field along the axis of a circular coil with distance from the centre of coil.

Key Features:

  • Variation of magnetic flux with angle.
  • Dot product between magnetic induction vector and area vector.
  • Easily rotatable coil with angular scale.
  • Axial probe is based on hall effect principle for magnetic field sensing.

Scope of Supply:

Cat No.Item Name Qty.
SA728 Coil with Angular Scale 1
SE1085A Power Supply 1
SE1083A Teslameter 1
RS176 Axial Probe 1
SN207 Flexible Lead (yellow) 2