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Ring launcher demonstrates Lenz’s law and effects of electromagnetically induced currents in a unique setup.

An iron core is placed in a solenoid. The ring fits over the coil at some height. When we press launch button on control panel to energize the coil, a large magnetic induction builds-up on the axis of coil, generating oppositely directed induced current in the ring. The two oppositely directed inductions repel, aluminium ring shoots up to several feet in air. No effect is seen when using aluminium ring with split or acrylic ring.

Transformer principle observed with coil of wire having low voltage lamp, which lights briefly. Overheating of coil is prevented by automatic one-shot timing feature. The ring launcher has several inbuilt interlocking safety feature along with speech for safe launching.


Exp-1 To demonstrate the Lenz’s law and effects of electromagnetically induced currents.


  • Activation of the circuit by solenoid insertion and thus provides overcurrent protection.
  • Confirmation of activation by voice message.
  • Necessary instruction and precautions are displayed on the unit.
  • IR Remote for safe launching.
  • Separate indication LED for Power, Activation Status, Remote Pulse and Launch Pulse.

Key Topics

  • Electromagnetic induction.
  • Magnetic flux.
  • Faraday laws.
  • Lenz’s law.
  • Eddy current.
  • Self induction.
  • Mutual induction.


Cat. No. Item Name Qty.
C13055 Ring Launcher unit 1
C5929 Iron core 1
CD392 Adjustment collar 1
C5940 Aluminum Ring 1
C5941 Aluminum Ring with split 1
C5942 Plastic Ring 1
C7617 Coil with lamp 1
C10515 Core holding ring 1
R0696 Power cord 1
C13054 Remote 1